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Name: Holly, known online as Morgue Vanity/M.Vee
Age: 17
Bands: Suicide Ali, D'espairs Ray, Hadouken!, Blackout Crew, Millionaires, Stylophonic, The Ghost Frequency, The Medic Droid, Blood On The Dancefloor
Movies: 300 through and through.
Stores: Osiris and Hellfire (alternative clothing stores in Glasgow), Topshop, River Island, Prada
How Many black bandanas do you own? One.
Your opinion on...
SxE: Up to the individual. I consider drugs as poison. Alcohol is only okay in small doses, otherwise it has just as bad effects.
Emo: Emo kids don't really bother me, but it annoys me when people think that emo and scene are the same thing.
Black Hair: I had black hair for five years, so it's hot. I just got bored with it and went for blonde and black instead.
Hot Topic: People call it a poser's store, but I don't care. If I see something in Hot Topic I like, I'll buy it.
Trucker Hats: Only on boys.

Pictures: (at least 4)

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