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hey there boy, i'm a cunt!

Name:meghan kiernan
Bands:the faint, rilo kiley, sorry about dresden, hot hot heat, the postal service, brand new
Movies:the girl cant help it, garden state
Stores:h&m, hollister, salvation army, but i make most of my clothes
How Many black bandanas do you own?i only own camo ones.
Your opinion on...
not for everyone...me included. being drunk and listening to the postal service is where it's at.
Emo:the boys like making out, and i do too.
Black Hair: looks best on me.
Hot Topic:good for sunglasses
Trucker Hats:fucking ghey.
Whore us to 3 people
dontremindme bright_eyesxx brand_nizzzle
done and done.


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